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Standardizing training and safety

The Problem

Unstandardized Jobs & Training

Clean energy job titles and training run the gamut, leading to a fragmented talent pipeline. Companies assessing a wind tech candidate’s background, for example, do not know whether candidates are Day One ready to take on this dangerous job. The result? Increases in likelihood of safety incidents, high turnover, and unpredictable hiring outcomes.

The Solution

Standardized job descriptions, training & safety reporting

CPI is bringing together clean energy companies to tackle the top 3 jobs where fragmentation is hurting worker safety and undermining job stability: entry-level technicians for wind, battery and solar storage.  The American Clean Power Association (ACP), CPI’s trade association sister organization, led a rigorous process to develop common training guidelines for entry-level wind techs. More than 25 companies participated in developing this consensus document and/or added comments, leading to the publication of Guidelines for Entry-Level Wind Technician Training in 2023.

In 2024, ACP/CPI will work with members and training centers to adopt these guidelines while building companion guidelines for entry-level solar and battery technician training. Comments have been gathered for Guidelines for Energy-Level Solar Technician Training and the final version will be published in early February 2024. Draft battery tech guidelines are currently collecting comments here. Collectively, these guidelines will inform a certification process to ensure that entry-level technicians are ready to operate safely and have basic technical skills on Day One.

In addition to aligning on training guidelines, CPI will work with energy companies to develop common job descriptions and career paths to create predictability and improve retention among technicians.

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