About the Clean Power Institute

The Clean Power Institute (CPI) is dedicated to building, training, and diversifying a best-in-class workforce for the clean energy industry.
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About CPI
The Clean Power Institute (CPI) is the American Clean Power Association 501(c)(3) affiliate. CPI’s mission is to strengthen support for the clean energy industry and build, train, and empower its workforce. CPI advances its mission by connecting clean energy industry representatives with clean energy workers, drawing talent from rural and disadvantaged communities, and promoting the benefits of historic clean energy investments across the country.
About ACP
The American Clean Power Association (ACP) is the leading voice of today’s multi-tech clean energy industry, representing over 800 energy storage, wind, utility-scale solar, clean hydrogen and transmission companies. ACP is committed to meeting America’s national security, economic and climate goals with fast-growing, low-cost, and reliable domestic power.


Kelly Veney Darnell
President of CPI and Chief Operating Officer, ACP
Laura Wilson Phelan
Chief Strategy and Program Officer, Clean Power Institute (CPI) and Senior Vice President of Strategy, ACP
Tom Vinson
CPI Advisor and Vice President, Federal and Regulatory Affairs, ACP
Josh Rogers
Senior Director, Safety, Workforce Training and Operations, ACP
Gian Bruno Trevisi
Coordinator, Clean Power Institute


Jason Allen
Chief Executive Officer
Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC
Laura Beane
Vestas North America
Jesse Canzler
Vice President & General Manager
Ralph Cleveland
President & CEO
American Association of Blacks in Energy
Amanda Dasch
Vice President Offshore Power Americas
Zack Dorfman
Senior Vice President
Pearce Services
Sandhya Ganapathy
Chief Executive Officer
EDP Renewables North America LLC
Traci R. Scott
Vice President, Workforce Development
National Urban League
Mauricio Garcia
Vice President
Elisha Gilliam
Managing Director, Scalable Solutions
Year Up
Alicia R. Knapp
President and CEO
BHE Renewables
Steve Porto
Ares Infrastructure Opportunities
Matt Tetrault
Senior Vice President, Wind Construction & Renewable Services
MasTec Renewables
Dr. Arlanda Williams
Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development and Executive Dean
River City, Delgado Community College
Kelly Winkler
Chief Executive Officer
Sky Climber

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