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Clean Power Stories

Hear from some of the clean power workforce who are working every day to bring more clean power to millions of Americans nationwide.

“We prioritize safety and continuously watch the backs of our teammates, we stay focused on completing our missions, and ensure that our own wellbeing is taken care of so we can take care of the team and mission."

Michael Zarate
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“Renewable energy is a booming industry and skills that veterans acquire through military service and training are invaluable to providing and maintaining clean energy.”

Patrick Krah
REV Renewables
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“Working in renewable development is a “jack of all trades” specialty jumping from working with landowners, to reviewing permitting standards, to building the business and financial models for a project to find viable offtake. The military experience is very similar.”

Megan Glancey
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"Serving in the military prepared me for the clean energy industry by instilling core values such as teamwork, dependability, and commitment to service. When comparing those core values to the definition of clean energy, you see the syndication."

Matthew Martin
Southern Power Company
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