Gian Bruno Trevisi

Coordinator, Clean Power Institute
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Gian Bruno Trevisi serves as the Clean Power Institute Coordinator at the American Clean Power Association (ACP), where he plays a pivotal role in advancing the institute’s mission through strategic oversight of its operations, financial planning, and stakeholder engagement, to ensure the smooth operation of the institute. A graduate of Florida State University, Gian holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and International Affairs, with a minor in Psychology. His passion for making a societal impact was ignited during an internship at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, where he worked as an External Affairs Intern. This experience solidified his drive to translate action into meaningful societal benefits. Outside of his professional endeavors, Gian enjoys a rich personal life, indulging in hobbies such as collecting vinyl records, cooking, and snowboarding, which reflect his multifaceted interests and zest for life.